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I am running for a third term to represent HD47 in the Montana Legislature.  It has been an honor for me to represent this district.  My colleagues tell me that I receive a lot more responses from constituents than they do.  That's because the voters in HD47 follow the issues and give me valuable advice concerning what is important to them and their families.  Here are my goals for the next term:


Create Economic Security
       Pass a comprehensive infrastructure plan
       Create higher-paying jobs with benefits; support small businesses
       Make sure that post-high school education is affordable for Montana's students


Be Fiscally Responsible
       Maintain a balanced budget and a rainy-day fundHome
       Avoid shifting the tax burden to the local level


Honor Montana Values
       Protect opportunities to hunt, fish and camp on public lands
       Ensure that every Montanan has a chance to succeed


Work Together to Get Things Done
       Find common ground
       Put good governance before ideology














 Vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2018




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